Building a more sustainable future

Sustainability at Metrio

Minimizing our environmental impact
As a software company, our footprint is naturally lower compared to other industries. We however strive to go beyond and futher: we are a carbon-neutral organization and have removed from the environment all of the carbon we have emitted since Metrio was founded in 2009. Initiatives include low environmental impact servers, compensating for business travels and diverting waste through consistent composting and recycling.
Our culture, supported by many policies, advocates for a flexible and inclusive environment where employees are more than encouraged to pursue personal projects within the company as well as to prioritize work-life balance. Since 2016, we have been dedicating a portion of resources for pro-bono projects. These projects, such as our work with Sentier Urbain in Montréal, allows us to share our expertise and contribute to our city.
Making a difference for our team and community
Entrenching our values in our governance
In 2019, we added a ''General Interest Company'' status to our incorporation. It ensures all internal and external stakeholders that Metrio's Purpose & Prosperity vision will be always an integral part of our DNA. We also recently launched an ESOP (Employee Stock Option Plan) which sets aside a portion of Metrio's capital for its employees. Meaning, we officially tie our team's contribution and work to our success.

What is B Corp?

Metrio est certifié Bcorp depuis 2019
B Corp is a certification recognizing companies incorporating environmental and social impact as an integral part of their business goals. Summarized by the famous ‘’Purpose & Profit’’ motto, it ensures that companies conduct their activities with the highest level of standards.
Nous avons

Why become certified?

Our passion for sustainability and the strong belief that companies can be a force for good have always been at the center of our vision and operations. We still wanted to formally acknowledge our role as a corporation by undergoing the process ourselves. A B Corp since 2019, we are proud of our team's effort to reach a score of 92.9!

Other initiatives

Metrio supports the UN Global Compact
We support the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact. We are committed to making the UN Global Compact and its principles part of our strategy, culture and day-to-day operations.
We’ve joined the United Nations’ Climate Neutral Now challenge and pledged to continue to measure, offset, reduce and annually report our greenhouse gas emissions. Since we’re already carbon-neutral, we want to take our commitment one step further and become climate-positive by 2023.

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