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Seamless ESG reporting to drive your sustainability strategy, communications and stakeholder engagement.

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Why use Metrio?

Effortlessly centralize your ESG data

In one platform, access all your sustainability data, across your E, S and G initiatives, as well as business units and locations. Save time and ensure data reliability through optimized data collection tools.

Monitor your ESG performance in a heartbeat

Incorporate sustainability into operations, strategy and communications through timely and accurate insights. KPIs are automatically calculated and updated so you don't have to!

Seamless ESG reports and communications

Simply select a framework or use your own template to create a ready-to-publish multi-format report. Take stakeholder engagement and communications to the next level with online interactive reports.

Streamline your ESG reporting process

Centralize your data collection process with a sustainability reporting software. Data can be collected manually or automatically through questionnaire, API or script importation.


Shorten the collection process through manual and automated data collection tools that gather data and content from across your company. Data is checked (variation threshold, double entries, etc) and users are automatically prompted to enter new data and add supporting documents. Admins can seamlessly follow the collection progress and approve new data.


Monitor your ESG performance and get valuable real-time insights with sustainability analytics and dashboard tools. Select metrics based off of your materiality or any framework (SASB, GRI, CDP, etc). Moreover, customize calculation methodologies and generate KPIs automatically. KPIs can also include forecasts to better identify ESG risks and opportunities.


Create multiple reports based off any framework, or your own template in the blink of an eye. Select desired filters and gather all data and texts to generate a ready-to-publish PDF, PowerPoint, Word or Excel report. Easily add your own texts and visuals and save the report as a new template. To validate, internal or external audits can certify data and methodology.

CN sustainability online reportUP Extra-financial online report BRP sustainability online report


Go beyond traditional static reports to enhance stakeholder engagement and sustainability communications. Leverage the Metrio Communication Module to create a dedicated sustainability website to share your vision as well as your performance through interactive charts. Completely control the flow of data as it is entered and approved in the software.

You’re in good company


Our clients are Fortune 500 multi-sector companies.


SMEs worldwide manage sustainability data with Metrio.


Retail, manufacturing, transportation... and counting!


ESG and IT experts at Metrio make your reporting easy.

We guide you every step of the way

“SaaS is not a software, it is a relationship”. Our ESG and IT specialists strive to offer you a world-wide class service built on trust and expertise to help you make sustainability an integral of your company's DNA.

Metrio's team of ESG experts is here to help!
We've been using Metrio for a few years now, and we're delighted with it. It has naturally established itself as a company-wide reporting tool. For example, we have a CSR community of 120 employees in 27 countries. Our relationship with the Metrio team is great: follow-ups and support always go smoothly!
Charline Griaud, Extra-financial Reporting Manager, Up Group
With a tremendous number of KPIs, SMEs and locations, gathering our ESG data was becoming increasingly difficult and time-consuming. Metrio helped us gain clarity and save time and energy that we can now focus on our sustainability initiatives.
Maxime Cossette,
VP of Sustainability, Kruger
Metrio allows us to easily follow our sustainability performance and to share our initiatives with as many people as possible.
Chantale Després,
Sustainability Director, CN

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