We're a proud partner of GreenFin 2021

Published on 
April 8, 2021

Metrio is pleased to be an official partner for the GreenFin 2021 event organized by GreenBiz. Metrio will be there to share its expertise in terms of ESG reporting and demonstrating how its platform helps organizations to collect and share their extra-financial data. 

Investors are increasingly relying on ESG data to determine whether an investment is viable over the long term. However, the lack of harmonization of ESG criteria and communication between companies can be a source of confusion and limit the acceleration of sustainability initiatives in organizations.

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GreenFin 2021 is the first event bringing together actors from sustainable development, finance and investment. This event will allow these professionals to discuss the possibilities of improving the communication of ESG data, align investor expectations with the needs of companies and present the financial practices and products that are on the rise.


Find our team on April 13 and 14 at our virtual booth.

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