We’ve joined the SASB Alliance

Published on 
August 31, 2021

We’ve become one of the first sustainability reporting software providers to join the SASB Alliance, a global collective of organizations working to integrate sustainability disclosure standards into corporate processes and create long-term financial value for investors. By reinforcing our relationship with the Value Reporting Foundation, we’ve unlocked exclusive member resources that will enable us to build on our already robust SASB disclosure tools—and ultimately help the businesses that use our software more easily engage their investors.

“The Value Reporting Foundation is pleased to welcome Metrio as an organizational member of the SASB Alliance,” said Rebecca Bar, Membership and Engagement Manager of the SASB Alliance. “By joining, Metrio demonstrates its ongoing commitment to understanding how ESG issues impact financial performance.”

Our software is fully licensed

Before joining the alliance, we had already licensed SASB Standards and integrated them into our sustainability software to help companies streamline their disclosure process.

Global organizations rely on SASB Standards to measure and manage the impact of environmental and social issues on their financial performance, and investors use them to assess risks and make better investment decisions.

We're a long-time SASB supporter

We’ve participated in the SASB Symposium, a place for stakeholders to meet and discuss the materiality of sustainability information, every year since 2016. We’ll be a gold sponsor at this year’s edition of the event, which will take place in December during the Value Reporting Foundation Symposium.

“I’ve been attending the SASB Symposium since its early days, and I remember being quite impressed by the community’s sheer potential,” recalled Patrick Elie, our CEO. “Today, SASB Standards have evolved into a comprehensive yet accessible framework that creates real value for investors. The standards and Metrio Sustainability Reporting software are both based on the principle that only when organisations truly understand their impact can they put in place actionable sustainable development strategies. Given this shared belief, joining the SASB Alliance really made sense for us.”

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