We've become carbon neutral!

Published on 
May 11, 2021

As a B corp certified company supporting the UN Global Compact, removing all the carbon emitted by Metrio since its inception in 2009 from the environment was a logical continuation of our CSR approach. We are proud to have achieved carbon neutrality. 

Reduction of emissions

Continuously working to reduce our consumption to decrease our environmental impact, we monitor and measure our consumption through our own tools and we make sure that these ambitious objectives are respected.

As a company evolving in new technologies, we realize that the impact of our servers on the planet is significant. This is why we use servers with a low environmental impact and work to improve the architecture of our software in order to limit our emissions.

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Projects certified by the Planetair organization

We also offset our business trips as well as our emissions linked to the electricity consumption of our offices.

By offsetting our carbon emissions, we are happy to contribute to the reforestation and maintenance / rehabilitation of Quebec ecosystems through Gold Standard certified projects from the Planetair organization.

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